2017 Ministry Theme:   Together we can do more (grow together)
                        *   Learn together (Know more about God and your church)
                        *  Help each other (love one another)    *  Serve together



Word of Life

"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." (Hebrews 4:12, NIV)

It is our blessing to come freely to the house of the Lord and listen to His word every Sunday. By knowing more about God through His word, we are to become more like Christ and to fulfill our mission on the earth.

2016 Sermon Information

Date Topic Speaker Sermon Note Bulletin
  Dec 25      -----         -----            -----        PDF
  Dec 18 聖誕節的再思 Rev. Peter Huen            PDF      PDF
  Dec 11 聖誕快樂 Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Dec 4 愛中成長: 信靠中的剛強 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Nov 27 愛中成長: 愛中成長: 愛的生活 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Nov 20 向耶和華感恩 Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Nov 13 如此我信(十五) Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Nov 6 愛中成長: 恩待那忘恩的和作惡的 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Oct 30 愛中成長: 由祢做主 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Oct 23 愛中成長: 不能缺少的愛 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Oct 16 如此我信(十四) Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Oct 9 死阿, 你得勝的權勢在那裏? Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Oct 2 愛中成長: 完全的愛 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Sep 25 無窮無盡的愛 Bro. Mark Heavener            -----        PDF
  Sep 18 一椿還未完成的事 Rev. Peter Huen            PDF      PDF
  Sep 11 911 事件的反省 Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Sep 4 敬重我們的牧者 Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Aug 28 靈命成長: 當我們看到一個罪人 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Aug 21      -----         -----            -----        PDF
  Aug 14 靈命成長: 忠於信仰 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Aug 7 靈命成長: 生命就是如此不一樣 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  July 31 靈命成長: 明智的忠告 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  July 24 靈命成長: 主啊! 讓我們看見 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  July 17 靈命成長: 被聖靈充滿 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  July 10 屬靈的福氣 Deacon Lin            PDF      PDF
  July 3 美國啊、美國啊,醒來吧! Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  June 26 品格成長: 殷勤結果子 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  June 19 蒙恩代代: 是出自敬畏神雙親 Rev. John Chang            -----        PDF
  June 12 品格成長: 作個勇敢的人 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  June 5 如此我信(十三) Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  May 29 品格成長: 信心的背後 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  May 22 讓小孩子到我這裡來! Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  May 15 耶和華向你所要的是甚麼呢? Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  May 8 母親節日的信息 Rev. Peter Huen            -----        PDF
  May 1 如此我信(十二) Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Apr 24 品格成長: 謙卑(二) Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Apr 10 寶座旁的一幅圖畫 Pastor Ka Wong            PDF      PDF
  Apr 10 品格成長: 謙卑 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Apr 3 如此我信(十一) Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Mar 27      -----         -----            -----        PDF
  Mar 20 盼望顯為大 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Mar 13 Looking Like My Father Sandy Wisdom-Martin            -----        PDF
  Mar 6 在恩典裡終身學習 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Feb 28 你們明白麼? Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Feb 21 只將真理表明出來 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Feb 14 心中有愛, 人生最美 Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Feb 7 除舊迎新接真福 Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Jan 31 為真理作見證 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF
  Jan 24 如此我信(十) Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Jan 17 我有一個夢 Rev. Peter Leong            PDF      PDF
  Jan 10 在真理中成長 Deacon Jackson            PDF      PDF
  Jan 3 我們需要成長 Pastor Nora Kwok            PDF      PDF

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2017 Theme Verse

NASB - Hebrews 10:24
let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds.

和合本 - 希伯來書 10:24

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